Wine glass

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  1. Catavinos Schott Swiegel 6 unidades
  2. Cariatides Wine Glasses & Glass Cleaner

    Cariatides Wine Glasses & Glass...

    37,11 €

    Having a dual nature, the Cariatide model is a type of wine glass often used in restaurants. Ideal fordrinking both red and white wines its form works perfectly to concentrate the aromas of all types of wine.Bohemian crystal. Glass cleaner included LearnMore
  3. Glass Taste Vin

    Glass Taste Vin

    16,45 €

    The ergonomic design of the cup and circular movements facilitate the wine ventilation for a betterappreciation of the aromas. The narrow open part allows the aromas to concentrate within the cup tobe able to recognize them accurately. LearnMore

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