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  1. Jeans Apron (M)

    Jeans Apron (M)

    12,32 €

    Jeans apron with pockets and sliding belts to adapt the size. LearnMore
  2. Flask Nautilus

    Flask Nautilus

    27,07 €

    Nautilus: Capacity 16 cl. with a window that allows to control the level of the content. Pocket size. Stainless steel. LearnMore
  3. Decanter Drip Collar

    Decanter Drip Collar

    5,70 €

    The ergonomic design of the cup and circular movements facilitate the wine ventilation for a betterappreciation of the aromas. The narrow open part allows the aromas to concentrate within the cup tobe able to recognize them accurately. LearnMore
  4. Identity


    8,18 €

    Made of flexible rubber, 10 pcs of glass identifiers indifferent colours. It is suitable for appetizers, cocktails, winetastings or events where the glasses are easily mixed up.Presented on a plastic bar that can be stored in a drawer. LearnMore
  5. Cellar Label 36 uds.

    Cellar Label 36 uds.

    13,14 €

    36 be-colour labels to identify your bottles at a glance and to avoid handling them. A black side for the red wines, and a green side for thewhite and rosé wines. Reusable. LearnMore

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