Security and confidentiality of data

To make a purchase and ship the order to the address you choose should communicate their personal data : name, ID ( it is mandatory for invoicing ) and delivery address. These are the only data stored on users decantare.

Should the customer choose to pay via card, all information is exchanged directly between the client and the bank by controlled solely and exclusively by the bank encrypted payment gateway.

The personal data of the users are used exclusively decantare , and stored in order to meet the legal obligations under the Law of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data .

Not guarantee the transfer of data to third parties, or if so , we will require customer approval for the service that you could provide . The data are stored in a database owned by decantare , the customer is entitled to check what data is stored about you, modify or delete if deemed necessary. All information is accessible to the user accessing your user page , in case you have any doubt just need to contact us by any means available in the contact area .