Payment Accepted

Decantare looks fowward to support the safest and more confortable payment sources in order to guarantee a secured transaction online. Within these forms of payment are:

Wire Transfer:

In a bank transfer, cash transaction is covered by the banks of both the buyer and seller , so it is reliable to any possible claim by the latter.


This payment method is the most suitable if you do not trust to use your credit card online. With this we ensure that we will pay what we buy and we will not shell out anything until we have the item in our possession. There are several drawbacks to this method of payment, one is that you pay an extra % commission for the risk and cost of procedures, both for e-commerce and the carrier, another drawback is that we have the cash ready, because the product can not be delivered if not paid in full. Once paid, the carrier must give proof of payment, required for any claim.

Credit card

This payment system is the most common and accepted by all consumers. It's almost safer to use in traditional commerce . For your safety and peace of mind , all information provided in this form of payment, as can be the card number , expiry date and validation code, is encrypted under the Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) protocol to ensure the highest security, and may not be intercepted in the process of buying online.


Allows sending and receiving money through internet, quickly and safely. The methodology is easy , having to register for free at their web . By registering, advantages are obtained as periodic payments , payments from a bank account , or even get the money deposited in your own Paypal account. This type of payment carry a small commission for trade, but not to consumers who have purchased online. It's quick and safe as the financial information isn't sent to e-commerce in any case.